The "Clean My Living Computer" Healing System seeks to unravel the mystery of why some people don't get better even though they have tried everything "under the sun."

Every cell in the human body is monitored by the autonomic nervous system comprised of the sympathetic nervous system parasympathetic nervous system and the enteric nervous system. The program these systems follow is to keep your body in homeostasis or balance or simply put to keep you alive. The system is programmed for survival not necessarily optimal health although certainly our bodies are meant to heal himself. But sometimes they get stuck because they are able to keep robbing Peter to pay Paul they must be placed on hold. paragraph. The body goes into adaption mode in an effort to survive. Tissues are put on hold waiting for the raw materials, the energy, time and information to make the necessary healing. 

IThe Clean My Living Computer system incorporates the use of functional neurology combined with frequency scanning. A binary code system that can be implemented with the human body and quite frankly any living organism, very similar to electronic computer diagnostic systems, hence the name ” Clean My Living Computer.”

The body’s autonomic nervous system which is comprised of the sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric nervous systems keeps our bodies in a state of homeostasis. The autonomic nervous system operates through an extensive sensory network which monitors both external and internal environments keeping us alive. The main program of the autonomic nervous system is for the organism’s survival. It’s not or optimal health. It will rob Peter to pay Paul in order keep the organism alive. Therefore as we go throughlife our bodies often make adaptations to survive. These adaptations can pile up and cause dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. There are seven basic factors which can interfere with the function of the autonomic nervous system:


1.Food and environmental sensitivities

2. Heavy metal toxicity

3. Petroleum solvent toxicity

4. Neural therapy dominant focus/ scars and or toxic nerve ganglion

5. Temporomandibular dysfunctions

6. Stress/emotional, mental, barometric, humidity, oxygen deprivation, thermal

7. Geopathic stress

Each stressor is checked. If postive it is entered into the bio-computer via a “pause lock” (the external hip rotation on the Vitruvian man. Once the list is finished and all positive findings entered the priority mode will be entered to determine which stressor the body wants worked on first.


How are the interferences to the optimal regulation of the autonomic nervous system removed?

  1. Food and environmental sensitivities (reactions often termed allergies, which are the innate immune systems hyper-reactivity to a relatively harmless stimuli such as pollen) are removed through a bio-computer directed process  whereby natural healing desensitizing  are applied to the offending substance.

2. Heavy metal toxicity- Metal are removed through the principles of homeopathy and/or metal chelators. In today’s toxic world heavy metals accumulate in the body. Test kids done in the privacy of your home can show you your level of metal toxicity. Using a chelator and comparing the pre-and post urine test can give an indication of what toxic metals your body is holding on to and having trouble eliminating. 

3. Petroleum solvent toxicity is becoming a bigger problem every day with the 80,000+ chemicals now found in our environment.In fact the herbicide Roundup is showing up in our food supply confirm by showing up in in our urine. Back in 2004 287 chemicals were found in the umbilical cord of newborns. A concept known as Body Burden (add link)

 How do we cleanse ourselves of these toxic petrochemicals? First find the sources of the solvent toxicity and eliminating it. Often the source is a so called beauty product or even a sun screen that we often rub on our skin. Read the labels and eliminate these toxic products.  I like to use a product that is carbonized bamboo. Learn more about 

4. Scars from injuries and/or created by medical operations can emit electrical signals that interfere with the body’s autonomic nervous system. Scars are far more than skin deep and often create adhesions, Another factor causing this dysfunction in the body’s nervous system are know as toxic gandlion. Nerve ganglion which are clusters of nerve cell bodies located in the autonomic nervous system can become dysfunctional do to the invasion of viruses, bacteria and the accumulation of metals and solvents.

 These interferences to the Autonomic Nervous System are treated by a medical technique known as neural therapy. A noninvasive technique known as Neural Therapy Without Needles can also be used. This technique is performed with a special cold laser and/or a specially designed electrical machine known as a electro-block which uses a modulated frequency to disrupt scars.

Learn more about

5. Temporomandibular joint or TMJ for short is often referred to as the most important joint. Dysfunctions  of the TMJ must be examined to determine the root cause. The teeth are first screened for a concept known as neurological tooth. if biting cause a disruption in the nervous system the misaligned tooth must be corrected. this misalignment can easily be detected with the use of applied kinesiology. Further using applied kinesiology both the red and the left joint can be tested for muscle and ligament imbalances. Mental and emotional stress should also be considered since a lot of stress can be stored in the jaw. Think about how we may hold our jaw when we are upset often clinching down.

Learn more about temporomandibular dysfunctions

6. Mental and emotional stresses are removed through a technique developed by Dr. Scott Walker known as NET MIND BODY.  This simple and effective technique removes the physiology of unresolved mental

emotional traumas. It is interesting to note that a scar will always have a mental or emotional trauma existing with it whether it be from injury or surgery. The images below are functional MRIs of an individual with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.  these images were taken at a research study at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. The simple and elegant technique known as NET was able to eliminate the symptoms of PTSD quickly and without drugs. 

Learn more about NET

Watch the Net Mind Body Medical Research Documentary Film that blew away the medical world

Functional MRI PTSD Pre-NET Treatment

Functional MRI PTSD Post-NET Treatment

7. AllGeopathic stressors are not well known, maybe because you cannot see them. You may not be sensitive enough to feel them. Or you can feel them, but you do not know the source of this life field interference.. For example you may feel bad in one room of your home, but when you move to another room you feel better These areas can best be located by a  professional dowser.  They can also be located  with the use of an electromagnetic radiation detector. Once the sources of these stresses measures can be taken to negate or mitigate the harmful effects on biological life forms.                

Geopathic stress implies that the actual ground or building you inhabit is causing the problem.  This phenomena can happen due to an under ground stream of water flow or even from rock formations creating electromagnetic interference.

In today’s world we live in a sea of Electromagnetic fields. There are electrical fields coming off our microwave oven, our cell phone, our Wi-Fi router and the routers of our neighbors. Finding an area without electronic interference is difficult. A great idea would be to go out into nature, out into the woods using a technique called forest bathing. Another solution is

A  simple technique to remove these stresses is known as earthing.  Learn more about Geopathic Stress

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am Dr. David Berglund. The human body, like all life on planet Earth, is a miracle. Through the development of fMMT, functional manual muscle testing, I have been able to explore the frontiers of functional medicine that help create the optimal functioning of this miracle throughout my life.  to borrow from the iconic classic TV show Star Trek, “To explore new networks and functional neurological connections to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Dr. W. David Berglund




1976 Graduate of the College of William and Mary, B.A. in Economics


Florida State University work on Masters Economics; 

International College of Applied Kinesiology 


1994 Graduate of Parker Chiropractic College

B.S. in Anatomy/Doctor of Chiropractic, Summa Cum Laude



Acupuncture Society of America

Chiropractic Acupuncture Certification – State of North Carolina – November, 1995

Acupuncture Certification Program (100 hours) – November, 1995

Proclaimed Fellow (FASA), Order of the Yellow Emperor – November, 1995

License of Practice Acupuncture – State of Virginia – November, 1996

American Academy of Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy Courses A & B – Santa Fe, New Mexico – October, 1994

Neural Therapy Course C – Seattle, Washington – December, 1996

Neural Kinesiology I & II – Dallas, Texas – September, 1995

Neural Kinesiology III – Santa Fe, New Mexico – October, 1995

NeuroBiology – Seattle, Washington – December, 2001

Chiro+Plus Kinesiology (CPK)

Certified CPK Practitioner – Wichita, Kansas – August, 1995

Summer CPK Symposium (Speaker) – Wichita, Kansas – July, 1997

Summer CPK Symposium – Wichita, Kansas – July, 1998

Winter CPK Symposium- Clearwater Beach, Florida – January, 2003

Winter CPK Symposium – Houston, Texas – January, 2004

Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Research – Toftness Technique

Basic Course – Amery, Wisconsin – December, 1995

Advanced Course – Amery, Wisconsin – August, 1997

International Bio-Cranial Academy

Basic Course – Orlando, Florida – October, 1998

Advanced Course – Phoenix, Arizona – October, 1998

International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK USA)

Basic 100 Hour Course with Dr. John Bandy – Dallas, Texas, 1992/1993

Applied Kinesiology Research Seminar – Vail, Colorado, 1994

Above and Beyond Seminar with Dr. George Goodheart – Parsippany, New Jersey – November,


Basic 100 Hour Course with Dr. Tim Francis – Atlanta, Georgia and San Jose, California –


2000 Women’s Health Symposium – Atlanta, Georgia – February, 2000

Advanced Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Tim Francis – Santa Fe, New Mexico – May,


Advanced Applied Kinesiology with Dr. George Goodheart – Cincinnati, Ohio – May,


Nutritional Chemistry I with Dr. Walter Schmitt – Chapel Hill, North Carolina – April,


Nutritional Chemistry II with Dr. Walter Schmitt – Chapel Hill, North Carolina – June,


Functional Neurological Tools for Daily Use – Chapel Hill, North Carolina – April, 2002

Advanced Nutritional Seminar with Dr. Walter Schmitt – Snowmass, Colorado – March,


Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition

Part I – Food Enzyme Deficiencies – Chicago, Illinois – March/April, 2007

Part II – Use of Food Enzymes in Clinical Practice – Chicago, Illinois – March/April, 2007

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)

Basic Course – Seattle, Washington – December, 1996

Advanced Course – Los Angeles, California – March, 1997

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

Basic Course – Dallas, Texas – January, 1993

NET Success – Maui, Hawaii – February, 1997 and February, 1998

Basic and Advanced Courses – Newark, New Jersey – October, 1997

NET Certification Assistant’s Training – San Diego, California – November, 1998

NET Certification Program – San Diego, California – February, 1999

NET Success – Big Fork, Montana – September, 2000

Basic & NEXT Courses – Washington, DC – April, 2001

Basic & NEXT Courses – Philadelphia, PA – November, 2002

NET Success – Sedona, Arizona – October, 2003

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)

NMT Comprehensive Seminar – Atlanta, Georgia – February, 2004

NMT Advanced Seminar – Atlanta, Georgia – October, 2004

Total Body Modification (TBM)

TBM Modules 1 & 2 – Toronto, Canada – September, 1998

TBM Modules 3 & 4 – Park City, Utah – December, 1998

Seminar: “TBM ‘IS’” – Questor Status – Deerfield Beach, Florida – May, 1999

AHS and EHS Seminars – Sandy, Utah – June, 1999

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

Modules 1 thru 4 – Richmond, Virginia – August, 2000 Dipolmat

of the International College of Applied Kinesiology 2016


Clinical Kinesiology Research Seminar: “Human Bio-Dynamics” – Dallas, Texas – May,


Clinical Kinesiology Research Seminar: “Human Bio-Dynamics II” – Dallas, Texas – December,


Myofascial Release/Percussor Technique with Dr. John Brimhall – Charlotte, North Carolina

– June, 1998

American Naturopathic Medical Association – Board Certified Naturopathic Physician –

Las Vegas, Nevada – April, 1999

ACMOS L’equilibre Energetique – New York, New York – May, 1999 and Phoenix, Arizona

– October, 1999

Independent Study with Dr. Tim Francis – Santa Fe, New Mexico – May, 2000

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) – Clinical Symposium – Chicago, Illinois – August,


Neuro-Cranial Restructuring with Dr. Dean Howell – A 7-Day Training Course – Tonasket,

Washington – May, 2001

Correcting Chronic Health Problems – Independent Study with Dr. Michael Lebowitz –

Virginia Beach, Virginia – September, 20002

Quantum Repatterning Technique (QRT) – Albany, New York – April, 2003

Independent Study with Dr. Tim Francis – Las Vegas, Nevada – October, 2003

Independent Study with Dr. Tim Francis – Las Vegas, Nevada – February, 2004

Integrative Medicine Systems Review – Greensboro, North Carolina – August, 2005

Detoxification – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – Virginia Beach, Virginia – August,



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International College of Applied Kinesiology

Annual Meeting – Chicago, Illinois – July, 1995

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Winter Meeting – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – March, 2002

Annual Meeting – Chicago, Illinois – June, 2003

Annual Meeting – Washington, DC – June, 2004

Neuro-Emotional Technique

Presenter, “Gathering of the Eagles” Symposium – Winter Park, Colorado – August, 1998

Presenter, “Gathering of the Eagles” Symposium – Winter Park, Colorado – August, 1999

Presenter, “Gathering of the Eagles” Symposium – Golden, Colorado – July, 2000


Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia


Founder of Quantum Kinesiology – The Solution for Living System

Founder of Non-Profit Research Organization- Clean My Living Computer

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