The “Clean My Living Computer” Healing System has unravelled the mystery of why some people don’t get better even though they have tried everything “under the sun.”

The Clean My Living Computer Story

One may say that Clean My Living Computer How do origins back in 1967 when my father introduced me to Edgar Cayce, also known as the "Sleeping Prophet." in a trance state your case he was able to ascertain an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment plan. Now skipping ahead 20 years later in 1987 while living in Vail ,Colorado. On my first visit with a new chiropractor, he began placing my hands into what are known as nudras then performing a manual muscle test. Sometimes I could hold my arm up sometimes I couldn't. I was wondering when he was going to crack my back. After this several of the moochers had been applied the doctor stated that he needed to fix my right wrist. I looked up in amazement because I had hurt my right wrist back in 1972 and I asked him how did he know this. He said your body told me. Immediately I thought of Edgar Cayce.

Why Many People Don't Get Better

There are 7 “Major Interferences” keeping the Autonomic nervous system from making the necessary cellular and tissue repairs.

Every cell in the human body is monitored by the autonomic nervous system comprised of the sympathetic nervous system parasympathetic nervous system and the enteric nervous system. The program these systems follow is to keep your body in homeostasis or balance or simply put to keep you alive. The system is programmed for survival not necessarily optimal health although certainly our bodies are meant to heal himself. But sometimes they get stuck because they are able to keep robbing Peter to pay Paul they must be placed on hold. paragraph. The body goes into adaption mode in an effort to survive. Tissues are put on hold waiting for the raw materials, the energy, time and information to make the necessary healing.

The Clean My Living Computer system incorporates the use of functional neurology combined with frequency scanning. A binary code system that can be implemented with the human body and quite frankly any living organism, very similar to electronic computer diagnostic systems, hence the name ” Clean My Living Computer.”

The body’s autonomic nervous system which is comprised of the sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric nervous systems keeps our bodies in a state of homeostasis. The autonomic nervous system operates through an extensive sensory network which monitors both external and internal environments keeping us alive. The main program of the autonomic nervous system is for the organism’s survival. It’s not or optimal health. It will rob Peter to pay Paul in order keep the organism alive. Therefore as we go throughlife our bodies often make adaptations to survive. These adaptations can pile up and cause dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. There are seven basic factors which can interfere with the function of the autonomic nervous system:


1.Food and environmental sensitivities

2. Heavy metal toxicity

3. Petroleum solvent toxicity

4. Neural therapy dominant focus/ scars and or toxic nerve ganglion

5. Temporomandibular dysfunctions

6. Stress/emotional, mental, barometric, humidity, oxygen deprivation, thermal

7. Geopathic stress

Each stressor is checked. If postive it is entered into the bio-computer via a “pause lock” (the external hip rotation on the Vitruvian man. Once the list is finished and all positive findings entered the priority mode will be entered to determine which stressor the body wants worked on first.