Exploring the human-bio-computer

Clean My Living Computer incorporates the similarities between the human body and an electronic computer. A muscle can either be facilitated or inhibited or what we all know as contracting getting shorter or relaxing getting longer. It is through this inhibition and facilitation of muscles by the nervous system that create both the simple and complex movements of the human body. Computer code is a binary system consisting of zeros and ones. So we can consider a muscle facilitation being a one and a muscle contraction being a zero thus a binary code is created. Kinesiology is the study of movement. By understanding the facilitation and inhibition patternsof muscles that create those movements, the practitioner becomes a Master of “Functional Neurology.” and can easily locate dysfunction anywhere within the nervous system. The examination of gait patterns and reflex patterns are the gold standard. Muscles of every joint can be assessed for proper facilitation and inhibition. Dysfunctional joints wear out fast like unbalanced tires. 

Functional neurology combined with frequency scanning allows for bio-computer diagnostic scanning very similar to the computer diagnostics done on all new motor vehicles.

The ‘human-bio-computer” when at it’s peak level of performance is a symphony of harmonic frequencies. The Vitruvian man was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci around 1487. This world-famous drawling is also known as the Canon of properties or proportions of man. This drawing blends art and science and showcases da Vinci’s interest in proportion. It also provides an example of da Vinci’s attempt to make connections between man and nature. It was studied by Dr. Alan Beardall, and he uncovered its the hidden secret in plain sight, the human-bio- computer. The upper arm angle opens the window to bioelectrical data, the straight across arm opens the window to  structural data while the downward pointing arm opens the window to  biochemical data. Accessing emotional stress data was added by Dr. Scott Walker the founder of Net Mind-Body along with his wife Dr. Deb. Opening the window to stress data is done by placing the palm over one’s forehead.